B is for Bacon…And that’s good enough for me!

BForBacon_Fullpic_1 Ah yes, Bacon. That luscious, tasty, smoky, foodgasmic piece of meat that makes my heart flutter with joy! Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever met a soul that does not like bacon. As a foodie, I love experimenting and exploring with new flavors. There is just something about bacon, much like my love for Rainbow Foods (see previous post), well it just warms my soul and fills me with joy. I’ve always enjoyed the occasional 2 slices of bacon with breakfast. I would cook bacon once in a while, but not often. That, however, changed one day, while my husband and I were grocery shopping at one our local grocery stores here in Texas, HEB. My husband loves going to the store for samples…if there is a sample to be had, he will find it lol. He came across the store “chef” who made up this yummy spread for crackers which consisted of cream cheese and this….BaconJam

Yes, that’s right, BACON JAM! I of course, bought it immediately! It didn’t last very long in my house. At that time, I was on this kick of having all of our food grilled. I had the Mr. fire up the grill one evening and throw on some steaks. When it was just about done cooking, I had him lather up the steaks with this gorgeous creation of bacon jam on top. We let it continue for about 3 more minutes just to heat the jam through. As I sliced my first bite and slid it into my mouth, my eyes literally rolled into the back of my head! At that moment, it was the most delicious thing I had ever put into my mouth. After that, I made it one of my missions to see what else bacon would be yummy with!

I had discovered that I was not the only one with a new bacon obsession. There were tons of new bacon products out on the market. Last summer, one of the fast food chains came out with a bacon sundae. I of course had to try that out, turns out, pretty darn tasty! I really enjoyed pairing the bacon crumbles with caramel. It has that wonderful sweet and salty savory thing going on. Also in the ice cream category, I recently had a peanut butter and bacon shake. Let’s just say that it will be the only shake I order for a while! lol

i love bacon

Outside of food though, there is even a market for bacon. I discovered that there were candles, room sprays, and even bacon floss!


I’ll wait while you drool over those….

Back to my passion now. I love to make dishes that make you wanna slap yo mamma they are so good! I came across an idea for a chocolate maple bacon cupcake!

Chocolate-Beer-Batter-Cupcakes-with-Maple-Bacon-Frosting tumblr_mhgpf0GWmJ1qit59ao2_1280

It doesn’t seem to take much. You have your basic cupcake recipe, add cocoa to the dry ingredients and to the wet, add maple flavoring. You can even add maple syrup to the batter as well. Mix the ingredients and add in chopped pieces of bacon directly into the batter. Bake your cupcakes. For the frosting, you can use a regular buttercream frosting adding maple syrup to the mix. Place into a piping bag and pipe the yummy creation on top of your cupcakes. Top with the crumbles of bacon and drizzle over the top caramel sauce. I’m a lover of chocolate, but I am sure you could easily do this with a regular vanilla cupcake as well. Just omit the cocoa powder from the batter. Hold on guys, I didn’t forget you..I have something just for you too!


Oh yea buddy! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

During the holidays or even a fun get together, I found that people love finger foods. It’s quick, easy to eat, no major mess…Therefore, I present to you….

chocolate dipped bacon Chocolate Dipped Bacon! Simply get chocolate bark and melt it in the microwave. Dip your crispy cooked bacon and set on a wire rack to dry. If you want to go old school, make a double boiler on your stove top and place a heat resistant bowl on top and add chocolate chips and melt them over low heat. You can use white chocolate, dark chocolate, or even just milk chocolate. Also you can get creative and add flavored liqueur to your chocolate like orange (grand marnier) or Raspberry (crème de fraise) or even a Strawberry one (creme a la fraise des bois) if the mood strikes you!

Something fun for the next birthday party, BBQ cookout, or class party is Chocolate Chip, Maple, Bacon Cookie Sandwiches! You can take some help from the store and purchase a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough, add the maple syrup and bacon pieces to the mix, cut and bake your cookies. Add a scoop of maple flavored ice cream on to one side of the cookie and top with the other cookie and roll around in bacon pieces! Sure to be a hit! You can even place a cookie sandwich into a clear bag and tie it with a cute ribbon if you want to add some flare! Just make sure to store in the fridge or a iced cooler if you are outdoors away from home.

cookie sandwich

I’m a fan of all things unique and love a great new treat. Bacon I have decided, does in fact, make the world go round.

i7a1J Of course you must follow the bacon commandments. *this goes without saying, but please do not actually stick bacon into your computer! I will not be held liable for that one! lol *

foodie-i-love-bacon-55afe7ff-sz624x436-animateBwahahahaha! I’d would have been dead a long time ago!


And sometimes you just need bacon to comfort you and make it all better. Just like God said….


Until next time…Get your bacon on and enjoy your day!



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