Food that warms your soul

Anyone that knows me knows that I am in love with Rainbows. Absolutely, positively in LOVE with rainbows! So only one can imagine how I would feel if I could both have my cake and eat it too! What I mean by this is make and eat yummies that taste great and incorporate rainbows! Yep, that’s right, this post is all about the colorful creations that I have tried or will be testing out soon.

I developed my love for rainbow foods a while back while watching an episode of Martha Stewart. This young girl on the show that day was the creator of the now ever so popular rainbow layer cake.

rainbow-cake1 I instantly fell in love. It was pure colorful magic! I had sat there staring at the tv screen in awe and wondered exactly how difficult making such a masterpiece would be. Let’s face it, every cooking show makes it look easy and it never fails when you start to create your own, it falls apart lol I’m not the first person to think this! I set out one day, I did my homework. I learned that the best way to get such vibrant colors was to use food color gel or paste. Both of those can be found at your local craft store such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. You can probably even find them at your local baking supply shop. My personal preference for the gel is Duff’s. It is thick and very bold. A little dab will do ya. Anyways…I set out on my quest for beautiful rainbow cake bliss. Come to find out, it’s not so hard. Once I conquered that mission, I thought about it for a while. I was like a drug addict, I needed my rainbow food fix! I set out to the interwebs in search for my fix. I found a few! One of my favorite sites is I honestly can say, if there is a rainbow food out there, they have the recipe on their site! I often scourer their site looking for the next big thing. I have found that there are so many to choose from. You will never run out of ideas! I had a idea one morning for breakfast. I wanted something fun and colorful to warm my soul that morning. I decided to take a stab at Rainbow Pancakes. I thought if I can make pancakes that were amazing, then I had to try rainbow WAFFLES!!!! Yes, it does exist! See picture below.


Click here for the recipe for Rainbow Waffles!

MMMMMM! Now doesn’t that look rainbowlicious? Um, yes I do think so. I can only imagine that this would be perfect for a anytime meal Breakfast: Yummy Rainbow Waffles, fresh whipped cream, eggs, bacon or sausage, sounds good right? Lunch would be so fun with a Rainbow Waffle Panini! Yes, that is correct! You could take one whole waffle, cut it into 2 equal halves. On the inside, put your favorite condiments such as mayo, mustard, etc. Add your favorite meat and cheese, I prefer provolone and turkey, but whatever you prefer is fine. Next add your veggies, lettuce tomatoes, etc. Next, take a griddle pan or a skillet and heat it to medium heat. Add one pat of butter (approx. 1tsp) and place your sandwich into the hot skillet. Grill your sandwich like you would a grilled cheese. Flip your sandwich over and place a foil covered brick on top or even a heavy cast iron skillet. Anything that would place significant weight on top. Heat through til it is grilled. Carefully remove the weighted object from your sandwich and voila! You have a rainbow waffle Panini! Last there is Dinner…of course we can’t leave our the classic chicken and waffles! Simply make chicken tenders and place on top of your Rainbow Waffle and top with warm maple syrup! Who wouldn’t love that! Your family will stand and cheer for their colorful dinner and it will truly warm their souls…and tummies!

Another direction I often go in is Youtube. I have 2 favorite videographers there. One of them is YoYoMax12. She has an entire list of wonderful rainbow treats! One of the yummies that she makes is Rainbow cookies…

sddefault Simply look up rainbow cookies and the author, yoyomax12. She has such a wonderful way of showing you how to do beautiful treats without you going insane! lol…While watching her channel, I saw a amazing cookie she made…Unicorn Poop Cookies! I know it sounds weird, but it amazing!

mqdefault I can only think that this would a hit at any class party or Rainbow themed shindig! They look like you did a lot of work, but in all honesty, they are very easy!

I am a person who craves uniqueness…Rainbow food is the way to go. I’ve found another videographer on youtube that shares the love of rainbows as I do. Mycupcakeaddiction is a fun woman from Australia! She has tons of rainbow recipes!

She has made the following and it looks amazing! I plan to test these bad boys out myself soon!

399971_10151552166298555_1509162281_n rainbow cake pops rainbow cupcake giant rainbow pull apart cake

I’ll give you a moment to regain some control….

Okay! Now don’t think that I forgot about our adult friends…Yep, Rainbow Jello Shots! These do take time but are worth the effort.


Double Rainbow Cake Jelly Shots Recipe!

These are absolutely perfect for girls night in, a holiday party, your girlfriends 21st birthday….or just because you feel like it! Everyone will surly ask how you did these and want you to bring them to each event! Who can resist color shots with cake vodka? Yea, that’s what I thought. 🙂  *note, these can be made virgin…just replace the vodka with water!

Last but not least, if you have kids, this idea works well for class parties, birthdays, play groups, or just a fun afternoon at home with a healthy snack…Rainbow Pizza! This basically consists of getting fruit or vegetables and in the colors of the rainbow. Which ever you decide determines the “dough” and “sauce”. For fruit pizzas, simply pick up a premade sugar cookie dough and roll it out into the shape of the rainbow. Make sure you roll this out about 1.5 inches to 2 inches larger than where you will place your veggies or fruit. For your sauce, you can use lots of things, lightly sweetened crème cheese, chocolate hazelnut spread, fruit jams, chutney, or even fresh whipped crème! Simply spread it out over your cooked cookie pizza dough and top with your rainbow of fruit. For the vegetable pizza, you can use flavor crème cheese by adding herbs to your spread, marinara sauce, ranch dip (not salad dressing) or even pesto! For your dough you will use a artisan pizza dough. Again make sure you spread your dough out a tad larger than where you’ll place your vegetables.

2012-07-17-rainbow-pizza-586x322Click here for instructions on making your own Rainbow Pizza!

At last, I leave you with some rainbow eye candy…enjoy! Until next time- xoxo-KD

triple-rainbow-pushup-cakes-lg-158489Triple Rainbow Push Pop Cakes

2012-08-15-rainbow-loaf-586x322Rainbow Sandwich Loaf

0_801___SelectedRainbow Donuts


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