I HEART Food…Yum-o thoughts on the topic

I have a love for food…yummy food. I know how to cook…really well. I sat back the other night racking my brain for new recipes when I caught this show on the Food Network…The Worst Cooks In America. I felt rather sad for those folks on the show. They are being broadcasted as idiots who will at any moment, burn down their house. This show is based on taking people who can burn water, turning them into a great chef and of course the money. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if they had a show that would take someone like me and polish them up? I can cook. I can create yummy stuff…I just can’t follow a recipe to save my ass. I am a Mexican/French Cajun woman, I cook by sight. Any Chicana will tell you that we do not use measuring cups, we use the God given gift of sight to create wonderful, yummy, and delicious masterpieces! I can’t find some recipe and it turn out exactly like they say it will. I have to look at the product, rework it to my own…I just have a knack for creating yummy things.

cupcakespin_1355122749With that being said, when you have a love for the art of cooking, you must first be in love with food. When you take a bite of a dish, you must feel it against your tongue. Feel the flavors dance around in your mouth. You must feel joy. I get that way a lot. I am lucky I have a awesome test taster, my husband, Anthony. I swear that man has a iron, pitless stomach! lol For that I am grateful! He is amazing to cook for. I know that there have been some recipes that I felt were questionable, however, he has never once told me a dish was not good. Either he loves it or is a smart husband! lol This journey of mine became public late last year when someone commented on a status of mine about what I had made for dinner. I had made chicken fry aka Chicken Fried Steak for our non southern readers 😉 I was asked by a few folks how to make it. I then was met with the daunting task of taking what was in my mind and putting it into words that the average person who cooks from beginner to pro could understand. This was no easy feat. Not by a long shot. The only way I could describe how to make one of my dishes is by using a method that I found mimicked my own by another famous lady who has a love for food… Rachael Ray. Her methods of using her hands, fingers, lengths of a cooking dish to measure ingredients were exactly what I did in my head. I wanted to share with others what I could create. It made me feel proud. I always watch my husband as he puts the first bite of a new dish in his mouth. He has a look of pure bliss. I thought if I could do this, others should be able to as well.

yummy-food-6 With the intent to casually share my creations, I would periodically post recipes on my statuses. It turned out that it was a huge hit. Most people would shoot me messages asking me how to do something or for ideas on dinner. It got to a point where I asked those on my friends list if they wanted me to create a group on Facebook that would serve as a centralized location for me to post my dishes. I was overjoyed at the comments and response on the idea. With that Yum-O: From My Kitchen to Yours, A Homemakers Guide to Wonderful, Delish meals for You and Your Family was born. I never realized how sharing what was in my mind and heart could make me feel so rewarded. Each time I create something, I know for us it’s good, but to have others try it and make it themselves, well that is just honoring. I find that one of my new best friends, Theresa, she is always so overjoyed when I post something. When I see something like that, it makes me smile.

I wanted people who weren’t pro’s to be able to create something just as amazing without the pressure. Trust me, I’ve lost it too. In fact, there is a story! Of course I couldn’t let this go without the OMG embarrassing story. It was November 2010. It was Anthony and My first Thanksgiving together living in the same home. Growing up, my mother, cooked like I did and never followed a traditional recipe. Each year she made this Coconut Custard Pie that was so comforting and like velvet as hit slid into your mouth. It was a Foodgasm in a pie! Being a teenager, I wasn’t all that concerned with baking and cooking. I thought I had forever to learn that recipe. Forever ended in January 2006 when my mom died. I hadn’t thought of that pie for years until our Thanksgiving in 2010. I took to Google and searched frantically for the recipe. I had a basic knowledge of what was in the pie, just didn’t know how much of what and how to put it all together.


I suddenly had success! I had found after 2 hours of searching, what looked to be the pie that my momma so lovingly made for our family each year for Thanksgiving. I was overjoyed!!! I quickly wrote down the ingredients and set off to the grocery store to get what I thought were the things to make that day epic! Trust me, a pie can make any situation or day epic! Make one, you’ll see!


I got everything home and set up perfectly to start the magic! I am OCD like that ya know…I started mixing, beating, blending, and worst of all..Measuring. I followed the directions to the T. I had the filling made and was ready to pour it into the pie shells. **Get ready, this is where it goes to hell in a handbasket** I stupidly did not know that you needed to put your pie shells onto a baking sheet. I poured the filling into the shells and went to move them into the oven. First I must add, there was still filling left over! If I followed this thing word for word, why was there filling left over??? It wasn’t even enough to make another pie! Anyway, I go to move them and they collasped. All over the floor. It hit the floor, the wall, the oven, me…I instantly felt sorrow and anger all at the same time. I couldn’t help myself. I took the bowl with the remaining filling and without a thought, flung it across the apartment. Anthony, god love him, ducked just in time. The bowl hit the door and flung all over the tree, the box of ornaments and my curtains! We both stood there in shock that I did that. I took something so emotional and let it get the best of me and I exploded. That ended with a half made coconut custard pie, a carpet cleaner on Turkey Day, and a story that gets held over my head every damn year! lol To this day, we still find coconut flakes in the ornament box!

Even with that story that makes me out to be bat crap crazy, I have fine tuned my gift. I have taken my knack and turned it into something fun, yummy, and helpful. The idea of attending culinary school has crossed my mind a time or two. If I can get past a few fears, I just might do it. If you choose to cook, just always remember the first step: Love food.

PS..I have yet to master that pie. It is my nemesis!



KD-Fat Ass Girl on a Mission


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