To Have and To Hold…Lots of Shopping Bags!

Shopping-Spree1I thought long and hard about what I wanted my very first post of the 2013 lineup to be about…Shopping.  I love shopping. I really do. It’s such a rush! I love going from store to store, all the shiny, sparkly, glittery things! I get beyond excited! Minus the financial debt involved, I could say it’s the next best thing after sex for sure! A shopping-gasm is so ooohhh mmmmerrrr gggggaaawwwd!

We have had fun so far with planning the biggest event of our lives, The Wedding. We had fun selecting the colors and theme (which is a secret for now) and we have been looking at the “little things” that will make everything about our day memorable. Now what I will tell you is that we have a vintage theme. I just love that country chic feel. It defines my roots. The Mr. to Be and I were both born and raised in Texas. While I love the city, the town I grew up in wasn’t so large that you couldn’t enjoy the peace and relaxation of the country. Same with the Mr. to Be. He lived in a similar town with about the approx. population size.

So far, We have enjoyed deciding on a few contenders for the venue, we have selected our DJ, discussed catering, looked at thousands of pictures of dresses, etc…Let’s just say we both easily got Bridal Overload!


Can I just add that Pintrest is the devil? Seriously! Everyday, day in, day out, I’m on PINTREST! What genius came up with online pin boards??? Well genius thanks…because of you, I have more wedding ‘pins’ than I know what to do with! Not to mention, the Mr. to Be has a tiny Man addiction as well. *sigh*

This post however, is all about some of the gorgeous, fun, beautiful wedding items I have found so far to make my own…Each of these items have made me drool over the laptop, grin with delight, plot my path at the craft store, etc…yea what can I say, I’m a wedding junkie! weddingjunkiebook

So today as I scrolled through my newsfeed on Facebook, One of my favorite pages posted a picture of this: IMG_1163

How stinkin cute are those?! Seriously! You can either follow these exactly to the T, or you can tweek it out on your own. I have decided to duplicate this and add to it a bit for my bridal party! They will be their “Bridesmaid Survival Kits”. I plan on making a “Bro Kit” for the groomsdude’s that are in our wedding. Something more guy friendly, yet is useful. I am all about making a gift purposeful, other than the sake of gift giving, but the gift needs to have a purpose, like for instance, these, have snacks, energy picker uppers, candy, and lovely mini booze bottle to keep the nerves calm, etc or when I give a baby gift, I make sure it has everything you forget about like gas drops, grooming kits, baby shampoo etc…Anyway, once I saw this, I knew this would be perfect! Mind you this is only part of their gift. I have many other tricks and ideas up my sleeves! If you are curious and crafty enough and would like to know more about this project, you can find it here

One of my other faves lately has been personalized glasses. I have decided to brave the process and make everyone their own personalized glass. From what I found, this should not be too difficult!

etched glass I thought doing something like this, it shows that we took the time to think of each person as we worked on their glass. The ladies will get a wine glass and the men will get a Pilsner. I have searched and found a great tutorial on glass etching. Once I try it out and if it works, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Lastly, here is some bridal eye candy….DRESSES! Enjoy! **PS, these are all Maggie’s!**








-KD, Resident Fat Ass Girl xoxo


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