Celebrity Babies…invading their bubbles before they debute!

babybumpAnnouncing a pregnancy for any woman is a very exciting time in her life! To be pregnant, it’s a miracle in itself. You nest pretty much from the positive pregnancy test! haha From that moment and until you hold your newborn, you instinctively want to protect your little prodigy. Most of us gals are fortunate enough to have people respect our privacy with the most annoying thing people doing is touch your belly (which is a HUGE space invasion!). Just a tip for anyone…Do NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER! Touch a pregnant woman’s belly without asking her first! If you ignore this, I can’t promise you that you’ll get your hand back, won’t get a right hook to the face, or even be alive! Women HATE this! We do not mind for the most part having our bellies touched, just with our permission. We have to be in the mood for it.

Anyway, back to the point here…Like I stated above, most women have the privacy, but then there are those who do not get the privacy. They are celebrity moms to be. Recently in the news Kim Kardashian and newly Baby Daddy Kanye West have announced that they are expecting their first child together sometime this year! The story stated she was approximately 12 weeks along. I was scrolling through Celebuzz Celebrity Blogs today (Yes I’m a girl who likes her celeb Hollywood gossip!) they had this article about Kim and a recent pregnancy workout at a local LA gym. Kim gets props for continuing to exercise during pregnancy, Lord knows my fat ass headed straight to the couch to sleep the next 9 months away and silently barter to take away the ALL day sickness! lol One of the pictures caught my eye. It was her walking out of the gym and the pappirazzi  was all up in her business! I mean she could take two steps in any directions and be face to face with one of the photogs!

 Kim_Kardashian_leaves_the_Tracy_Anderson_gym_after_a_workout_-435x580 I couldn’t imagine it being any amount of OKAY with me to have that many people surrounding me (security or not tagging along) for a snapshot of my growing uterus! Please! it’s just not worth it! I’ll email you a photo! This photo right above is what made me seriously wonder, Why are we so obsessed with Celebrities and what goes on in their lives and most importantly, their uterus?

Later in 2012, big news rang out from across the pond, yep Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their first royal baby! Of course not only did the great citizens of the United Kingdom rejoice in the young couple’s grand news, it seems the rest of the world is right along with them. It is rather interesting to see such a “IT” couple have a baby.  I would imagine though that they have the best top of the line security escorting Mom to Be, Kate all about wherever she chooses to go. But none the less, people want to be apart of her own personal experience, to be apart of her pregnancy.

Kate Middleton 2    kate-middleton

I can’t imagine not being able to do some of the fun stuff associated with pregnancy. For me, one of my go to things is pregnancy forums! It is so much fun and secure to be able to talk to other moms to be in a due date group. It’s great to see each of the women go through pregnancy together. I have made life long friends this way! We get to see our little ones grow up side by side or should say interwebs by interwebs! lol I can imagine these celebs do a lot of ordering from home or online for the preparations of their little ones. I would be so hurt not being able to go out to say Babies R’ Us and register for my baby shower, pick out the bedding I want, or buy diapers myself without getting a swarm of people tagging along and snapping photos of me and my unborn baby.


These little babies have no idea what their lives will be like once they are born. They will be the most sought after people, next to their parents, for the world to snag a peek at them. I really can’t imagine, as hard as these folks try, that their lives and family life is anything but normal. There is no putting Jr in a stroller for a stroll around the posh ‘hood, no walking your mini to the bus stop, nothing like this. I will say, for the few that will go this far, I applaud you! I always admire the celebs who take control of their lives and live a most normal as possible life with their spouses and offspring(s).

You have other celebs who just put it all out there for the world to see. Sometimes I can say this helps. It gives the fans that fix they want to know what is going on. Take for instance, Kim’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian. During last season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Kourt went all out with her pregnancy on the show. She showed the viewing audience every part of her life and pregnancy. It made her appear more normal in a sense that she seems like any other mom, changing diapers, early rising for their toddlers, selecting a birth plan, etc…I admit, it was pretty awesome. To see her give birth to Baby Penelope, the world got to experience the same thing she did, baby’s first, debute.

Lamar Odom Launches Rich Soil At Kitson LA

Next, the celebs are go for round 2,3, or more! Yep, after last year of giving birth to her first baby, Jessica Simpson hopped right back on the pregnancy train! Which of course we are watching!

Jessica Simpson

Why are we so obsessed with these little people? I can only answer for myself. I just think all babies in general are adorable and can’t help but oooooohhhhh and awwwwwweeeeee over them 🙂 I’m curious to know why everyone else is. Why are we, as a society so curious as to celebrities and their babies? Until we all know, let’s have cake…



KD- Resident Fat Ass Gal!


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